The Springheel Saga

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Multi-award winning full-cast fantasy audio drama series. Starring Julian Glover, Nicholas Parsons, Katy Manning, Matthew Kelley and David Benson. Visit for more great audio drama.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. SHJ - S3E3 - The Secret of Springheel'd Jack - The Lords of the World

    With the fate of the world hanging in the balance, Jonah Smith must fight to fulfil his destiny and finally discover the secret of Springheel’d Jack. But as his ruthless adversaries close in, who shall become… the Lords of the World? Written by: Gareth Parker & Robert Valentine. Starring: Christopher Finney, Andrew Shepherd, Jonathan Hansler, Ben ...


  2. SHJ - S3E2 - The Secret of Springheel'd Jack - The Tunnels of Death

    Pursued by agents of the Kaiser, Jonah Smith must join forces with an old enemy in his search for Springheel’d Jack. But will they survive… the Tunnels of Death?! The Secret of Springheel’d Jack – The Tunnels of Death Written by: Gareth Parker & Robert Valentine Starring: Christopher Finney, Andrew Shepherd, Ben Whitehead, David Forest, Jonathan Hansler, Paul ...


  3. SHJ - S3E1 - The Secret of Springheel'd Jack - The Peril of the Empires

    UNITED KINGDOM, 1877. When Aldershot Barracks is attacked by the flame-wreathed ‘Night Terror’, Jonah Smith is called out of retirement by Her Majesty’s Government and sent on one final, deadly mission – to capture Springheel’d Jack! The Secret of Springheel’d Jack – The Peril of the Empires Written by: Gareth Parker & Robert Valentine Starring: Christopher ...


  4. SHJ - S2E3 -The Legend of Springheel'd Jack

    Episode 3  The Engine of Doom!With Jonah Smith dead and the murder of Maria Davis still a mystery, there is little hope that the forces of good will triumph as a runaway train speeds towards it’s explosive destination. All aboard –  The Engine of Doom! RADIO DRAMA SERIES, THE LEGEND OF SPRINGHEEL’D JACK Did ...


  5. SHJ - S2E2 - The Legend of Springheel'd Jack

    Episode Two: The Carnival of Horrors. Hunted by the police and stalked by a sinister new enemy, Jonah Smith risks all to clear his name by going behind the scenes at Bartholomew Fair… in search of Springheel Jack! MULTI AWARD WINNING FANTASY RADIO DRAMA SERIES Starring (Episode 2): Christopher Finney, John Holden White, Neil ...