The Springheel Saga

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Multi-award winning full-cast fantasy audio drama series. Starring Julian Glover, Nicholas Parsons, Katy Manning, Matthew Kelley and David Benson. Visit for more great audio drama.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. SHJ - S2E1 -The Legend of Springheel'd Jack - The Terror of London.

    Folly Ditch, 1845. When a fire-breathing maniac kills 13-year-old Maria Davis, Springheel Jack is blamed. Detective Inspector Jonah Smith is hot on the trail but soon finds himself accused of an equally terrible crime… Written by: Gareth Parker & Robert Valentine Starring (Episode 1): Christopher Finney, John Holden White, Jessica Dennis, Neil McCormack, ...


  2. SHJ - S1E3 - The Strange Case of Springheel'd Jack -The Face of the Fiend

    As the forces of darkness threaten to frame an innocent man for the monstrous attacks, Smith and Charlotte must escape the villainous Lord Wayland and solve the mystery of Springheel Jack – or die in the attempt! AWARD WINNING AUDIO FANTASY SERIES Starring : Christopher Finney, Matthew Jure, Jessica Dennis, Lizzie ...


  3. SHJ - S1E2 - The Strange Case of Springheel'd Jack - The Crypt of Evil

    Smith’s desperate race to capture the mysterious Springheel’d Jack before he strikes again sends him on a dangerous hunt through London’s darkest shadows … and into the crypt of evil! MULTI AWARD WINNING AUDIO FANTASY SERIES “World-class audio drama…”  Global City Radio Starring: Christopher Finney, Matt Jure, Jessica Dennis, Jack Bowman, Ben Whitehead, Ceri ...


  4. SHJ - S1E1 - The Strange Case of Springheel'd Jack - The Ghost of Clapham Common

    MULTI-AWARD WINNING AUDIO DRAMA SERIES Praise for The Springheel Saga “Wonderfully confident and full of bravura.” Dirk Maggs “Thrilling.” The Guardian The Springheel Saga Based on Victorian Urban Legend Springheel’d Jack London, 1837. A terrifying apparition stalks the night! Constable Jonah Smith must avoid a pair of vicious killers in his hunt for the mysterious ...